A.J., Pam, Dan and Brendan Doiron

The Spanish Ranch - Who We Are from Brian Sikich on Vimeo.

The Spanish Ranch - The Landscape and Its Inhabitants from Brian Sikich on Vimeo.


Thirty-seven miles east of Santa Maria, CA, on two-lane Highway 166, turn south at The Spanish Ranch gate and go one mile down a dirt road that takes you over the Cuyama River. To us this is home, and although we have been here a short time in "ranch years" we have sunk deep roots.

We're hands-on folks, dedicated to the Ranch and its day-to-day operations as well as its long-term success. Our sons grew up in 4-H beef projects, selling replacement heifers and market steers at the county fair, and winning Champion and Reserve Champion honors on the state and regional levels. Our sons have learned to drive, shoot, ride a horse and try their hands at roping. Dan and the boys are excellent outdoorsmen: they all fly fish, shoot, hunt, ride and backpack. They love the outdoors. One son is studying zoology and wildlife management; one son is studying mechanical engineering -- put him on a tractor a leave him alone! Most importantly, they learned that we are custodians in a long line of land stewards.

We're committed to breeding cattle that work in challenging environments, and our Brangus cattle work very well in our semi-arid state. We use our ranch-raised bulls on our commercial females and on most of our registered females. Most recently, we also began an embryo transfer program, flushing proven outstanding females in our registered Brangus herd.

We were one of the first Brangus breeders in California to develop "West Coast-Style Brangus." Many customers want their cattle to be black-hided, deep and long with little leather. No ear. They have to look like an Angus but have all of the hardiness, disease resistance, mothering ability, and adaptability of the Brahman. Disposition is important, too. We work cattle on foot, horseback, ATV and with dogs. They move quietly and easily in the canyons, pens and working corrals.

New tools like ultrasound help us identify high-performing individuals, especially important to bull buyers. We also use the newest DNA testing to determine which bulls and females have a genetic predisposition for feed-efficiency, high marbling and tenderness. But genetic predisposition is just one half of the equation; expression of those genetic traits depends on environmental factors such as a healthy mother, adequate nutrition, a low-stress environment and a proper preventive health program.

Our attention to detail translates into success for our customers. When we sell cattle to a commercial cattleman, we want that experience to be positive and with real value that he can see years from now. We want the customer to know that they get the best, most predictable and reliable product. And it's not just a one-time sale: we want buyer feedback to know what works best for that buyer's environment and at his sale barn. We get premiums for all-natural, grass-fed, age-source verified beef, pre-conditioned calves, and bulls with DNA- and ultrasound-verified traits, and you can, too. Spanish Ranch cattle may be bred for the West, but they will perform just about anywhere.